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The first fully comprehensive resource for anti-doping practitioners, providing guidance along all steps of the doping control process. With topics ranging from signatory compliance to application of the sanctioning regime, the commentary will assist the anti-doping movement to achieve a more effective implementation and harmonized interpretation of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code.

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When is a Departure Really a Departure? Trends in Procedural Challenges Highlighted by the Tai Cheau Xuen CAS Award

Download the Tai Cheau Xuen Blog Post HERE CAS Award: Tai Cheau Xuen v. Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), CAS AG 14/03, October 3, 2014. In the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Ad Hoc division case Tai Cheau Xuen v. Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) AG 14/0, Malaysian wushu practitioner Tai Sheau Xuen won [...]

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The Pinzon award: When legal presumptions fail under the force of scientific evidence

Download the Pinzon Blog Post HERE   CAS Award: Omar Andres Pinzon Garcia v. FECNA, CAS 2014/A/3170, April 7, 2014. Keywords: International Standard for Testing, International Standard for Laboratories, chain of custody, procedural departures, sample contamination This matter demonstrates the limits of a CAS panel’s tolerance when it comes to positive findings that are not [...]

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Strict liability swings both ways: Campbell-Brown award expects ADOs to match exacting standards imposed on Athletes

Download the Campbell-Brown Blog Post HERE CAS Award: Veronica Campbell-Brown v. The Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) & The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), CAS 2014/A/3487, February 24, 2014. Keywords: International Standard for Testing, procedural departures, causality requirement This award is significant in that it is among the first published awards to delve into [...]

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