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The first fully comprehensive resource for anti-doping practitioners, providing guidance along all steps of the doping control process. With topics ranging from signatory compliance to application of the sanctioning regime, the commentary will assist the anti-doping movement to achieve a more effective implementation and harmonized interpretation of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code.

Yearly Archives: 2014


When is a Departure Really a Departure? Trends in Procedural Challenges Highlighted by the Tai Cheau Xuen CAS Award

Download the Tai Cheau Xuen Blog Post HERE CAS Award: Tai Cheau Xuen v. Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), CAS AG 14/03, October 3, 2014. In the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Ad Hoc division case Tai Cheau Xuen v. Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) AG 14/0, Malaysian wushu practitioner Tai Sheau Xuen won [...]

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Still need proof sugar is bad for you? Cilic, glucose, “light” fault, and four months out

Download the Cilic Blog Post HERE CAS Award: Marin Cilic v. International Tennis Federation (ITF), CAS 2013/A/3335, April 11, 2014. Keywords: Degree of fault, Specified Substances, Inadvertent ingestion, Period of Ineligibility In this blog post, we analyze the recent CAS award in the Marin Cilic v. ITF matter, which revolves around the determination of the [...]

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Ain’t nobody’s fault: Van Snick’s cocaine-sabotaged sports supplement

Download the Van Snick Blog Post HERE CAS Award: Charlene Van Snick c. Fédération Internationale de Judo (FIJ), TAS 2014/A/3475, July 4, 2014 Keywords: No Fault or Negligence, Balance of Probability, Sabotage, Cocaine, Substance concentration, Quantative data This case is remarkable as one of the very rare scenarios in which a CAS panel accepted to [...]

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FIFA, anti-doping and the World Cup 2014: Deco v. CBF and FIFA

CAS Award Anderson Luís De Souza v. CBF & FIFA, CAS 2013/A/3395, May 26, 2014 By Brianna Quinn For Brianna's Bio - click here In an interesting and topical development, FIFA, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and retired international footballer Anderson Luis De Souza (more commonly known as “Deco”) have recently settled – or more [...]

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The Pinzon award: When legal presumptions fail under the force of scientific evidence

Download the Pinzon Blog Post HERE   CAS Award: Omar Andres Pinzon Garcia v. FECNA, CAS 2014/A/3170, April 7, 2014. Keywords: International Standard for Testing, International Standard for Laboratories, chain of custody, procedural departures, sample contamination This matter demonstrates the limits of a CAS panel’s tolerance when it comes to positive findings that are not [...]

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Strict liability swings both ways: Campbell-Brown award expects ADOs to match exacting standards imposed on Athletes

Download the Campbell-Brown Blog Post HERE CAS Award: Veronica Campbell-Brown v. The Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) & The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), CAS 2014/A/3487, February 24, 2014. Keywords: International Standard for Testing, procedural departures, causality requirement This award is significant in that it is among the first published awards to delve into [...]

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Sinkewitz v. Veerpalu: Struggling to fit anti-doping science into a legal framework

CAS Award: Nationale Anti-Doping Agentur Deutschland v. Sinkewitz, CAS 2012/A/2857, February 24, 2014 On 21 February 2014, the CAS panel rendered its award in the NADA v. Sinkewitz matter (CAS 2012/A/2857, NADA v. Sinkewitz, 21 February 2014). The findings in this award are difficult to reconcile with the Veerpalu decision (CAS 2011/A/2566, Veerpalu v. FIS, [...]

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The Glaesner award: Another case of mistaken identity involving a Vicks inhaler

CAS Award: Glaesner v. FINA, CAS 2013/A/3274, January 31, 2014 Issues: CAS de novo power of review, No disqualification of other results, Additional investigations on a Sample Decision: Only the result from the race in connection with which a Danish swimmer returned an Adverse Analytical Finding from the accidental ingestion of a Prohibited Substance through [...]

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